About Our Company!

The process of searching for the appropriate country for treatment and then searching for the best medical center in that country with everything related to the arrangements for travel, visas, accommodation, transportation, translation, doctor appointments, follow-up with the treating physician, auditing and reviewing medical bills are among the things that may be difficult for many people! Especially when they are only focussing on getting treatment which prevents them from thinking about reaching to the right medical center which in turn increases the complexity and difficulty and sometimes exposure them to bad experiences during the treatment journey.


Medifyze is a digital service company that seeks to help patients around the world by directing them to the appropriate medical tourism companies in various countries of the world, within special criteria, according to which providers of medical tourism services are being selected in order to ensure patients receive high quality services and preserve their rights while maintaining the importance of customer satisfaction in all services provided to them from the beginning of their arrival in the country of treatment until their return to their country after receiving treatment.


We at Medifyze have many years of experience in managing and treating medical cases from various specialties in different countries of the world. At Medifyze, we transfer the experience and expertise that we have gained over the past years and share it with our clients by directing advice and guidance to patients to receive their treatment in the best suitable destinations for them at the best prices while protecting their rights in front of service providers and medical facilities.

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